Height Adjustable Tables

Birdseye can offer the BEST Priced Electric Height Adjustable Tables on the Market. At Birdseye we offer a large array of different series of desks, all of which are electronically operated. Electric operation means that adjusting your desk is virtually effortless. The adjustable desk allows one to avoid the harmful side effects associated with sitting at a desk all day long. We offer desks with the added safety feature of two buttons that must be pressed in unison to avoid accidental operation of the adjustment mechanism. We provide completed electric desks or just the electric frames for the desks. Standing or sitting and everything in between with electric Height Adjustable desks.

Birdseye supplies height adjustable desks that offer a healthy ergonomic solution for every desk user.  We offer a solution to the increasing concerns with cases of repetitive stress injuries and back problems associated with intense computer use.  Our desks complement your body and adjust to your specific needs. Electric sit/stand desks makes it possible for you to change your working position simply by pressing a button.

By changing your working position often you avoid wear on your skeleto-muscular stature and your joints associated with prolonged sitting.